Corporate Training Solutions
Since 2004 I have worked with my clients to create the courses listed below. I have lucky to work with the top instructional design and creative business minds in the world. The courses are what they are because of their insight and bravery. Each course is customized or custom created depending on the client's needs.
Perfecting the Pitch

In a sea of information, how do we make what we say memorable? How do we inspire action? How can we create a conversation with the audience and include them in our vision? How can we break free of the unnatural confines of presentations?


This course guides participants to create something that causes less nervousness, is more effective and creates lasting change. 

Presenting with Confidence

This course is designed to help employees overcome their fear of speaking in group settings, meetings, creative problem-solving endeavors, and presentations.


Over the years, I have developed a series of exercises that help employees, some for the first time, communicate to a group without the crippling effects of nervousness. To do this, we explore a more conversational, story-driven presentation format.


Improvisation is at the core of diverse disciplines such as martial arts, music, design, communication, and even tactical planning.


Learning improvisation is a rewarding experience that can change the way participants look at the world, creativity, failure, social interaction, and teamwork. This course helps participants learn real skills -- practiced in real-time -- that create real change. 

Creativity, Agility, and Balance

In this workshop, we will introduce participants to a new perspective on the creative process. We will demystify the concept of creativity by breaking it down into simple steps. 

We will explore research-backed brainstorming, steps to make individuals more creative, and interactive and wildly fun exercises to illustrate and help participants practice the skills learned.  

Introduction to Mindfulness 

In an increasingly chaotic, fragmented, and challenging world -- the skills of meditation have never been more needed. Meditation has now been shown to be as beneficial as a balanced diet and physical fitness.


This course offers the simplicity of the practice and resources to continue their journey. If you think you're "bad" at meditation, you don't have time, or you tried meditating and didn't become enlightened -- this course is for you. 

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Custom sessions, series, and retreat design available and recommended.