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Persuasive Presenting :
Introduction 1 Hour. Workshop 2 1/2 Hours Course 6 Hours

Authentic and Persuasive Presentations.

Remote work has changed the way we communicate. Quickly capturing the attention of those on the call and creating a lasting impact is the difference between success and failure. Now remote work and communication have made things even more difficult.


Persuasive Presenting is an easy-to-follow process to improve communication and find new ways to engage your team, audience, and customers. 

This interactive course uses interactive exercises and discussions to help participants shape impactful communication. 


Business Presentation

Empathetic Communication
Introduction 1 Hour. Workshop 2 1/2 Hours Course 6 Hours

Authentic Communication for Difficult Times. 


Today practical and tolerant communication is needed more than ever. This course challenges the participants to rethink competitive communication methods and embrace a philosophy where everyone’s needs are met.


While it may sound hard to believe, this work reminds teams, managers, and senior leaders what a genuinely supportive and giving dynamic can accomplish. More than just a reminder, this course provides easy-to-follow and actionable processes to navigate even the most difficult conversations.

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Creativity in a Digital World

Rediscover or Refill your Creativity. 

While the pandemic created an explosion of creativity for some, for others, it was quite the opposite. Now, as the world continues to change, many people are left feeling creatively depleted or hungry to create something new but unsure how to find inspiration. Creativity in a Digital World helps people find ways to program creativity into their lives.


This evidence-based approach to creativity reignites the spark that can change an individual, a company, and the world. 

Online Meditation

Mindful Meditation


Mindful Meditation and Balance. 


Meditation skills have never been so vital as they are in an increasingly chaotic, fragmented, and complex world. Until recently, the effects of meditation were unstudied and largely experiential. In the last decade, research has shown the dramatic effects of mindful meditation. Meditation has now been shown to be as beneficial as a balanced diet and physical fitness.

Mindful meditation and mindfulness are skills that can be applied anywhere and at any time, making them ideal for the modern business environment.

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Work Agility through Improvisation


Improvisation at work for creativity, communication, and authenticity.  


If you're looking to bring people back together, bring people closer together, or improve your creative problem-solving, improvisation is a highly active and impactful change from the usual. After all, there's no business that is usual these days. 

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