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Creative Working

Communication, Creativity, and Balance


Presentation Skills Training

Nervousness Reduction Coaching

 Empathetic Communications Training 

Evidence-Based Creativity Training

Leadership Coaching

Mindfulness Training

Keynote for Mac

Introduction to Mac

Retreat Design

Corporate Branding and Storytelling

Custom Workshops


My projects range from short-term training engagements to long-term coaching, team dynamic, and organizational support work. 

I help create brands, visions and voices for socially oriented startups and philanthropically minded companies. Please reach out for more information.


I have worked in the following sectors: Philanthropy, Entertainment, Green Energy, Healthcare, News and Journalism, Governmental Organizations, and Consumer Products. 

To learn more about my clients, visit me on LinkedIn.


As a consultant, Startup CMO, and creative director I have spent the last 15+ years dedicated to helping people and companies share their authentic voices, visions, and brands with the world.

Through one-on-one consulting, retreats, and team training I share an actionable and evidence-based system for overcoming speaking anxiety, persuasive communication, teamwork, and creativity. With a background in Fortune 500's and a framework of branding, mindfulness, and interactive instructional design, I create interactive online and in-person content that is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.

You can learn more about my network, clients, and work history by visiting LinkedIn or client testimonials below. 


Ping Pong
Ping Pong

These testimonials and more can be found at LinkedIn

"I worked with Forest as a client for over 13 years at Disney. He was instrumental in assisting with the strengthening of my global high functioning team. As a highly skilled professional, he quickly determined the needs of the group and utilized a training technique which engaged everyone and made learning fun. The experience helped to build a stronger team platform to manage change and cultural diversity both in the business and our everyday lives.

He is a strong and personable leader and I am delighted to have had an opportunity to work with him."

Sr. Global Quality & Safety Manager, Disney

Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution

Endorsement by: Gail Murray

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